Animal Farm by George Orwell – Review

Animal Farm – A Fairy Story

George Orwell's Animal Farm Book Cover

A Short Back Story

Animal Farm by George Orwell was the first book I read as a kid. To me, it was like a ‘normal’ kid’s story, where animals spoke and fought with humans.

Well, to some kids it might still be a ‘fairy story’. However, for people who’ve grown through the browning pages of historical events, know what a masterpiece Animal Farm IS.

In 1945, when a single man who was winning a war against the world started losing it, George Orwell decided to change the course of art; he chose to ‘fuse political purpose and artistic purpose into one whole thing’ (‘Why I Write,’ George Orwell, 1946). And then one August morn, Animal Farm was published.

Enough with the history, back to the present!

The Plot

Animal Farm is an allegorical novella; a gripping allegorical novella -once you begin to read it, you’ll not put it down until the tale ends (and also because the book consists of 100 pages).

The ‘fairy’ story revolves around a farm where its occupants, the ‘clever’ pigs -with help from the fellow animals- started a revolution to take control of the farm from the possession of humans.

However, the tale does not end there; on the contrary, it begins with this revolution, leading to a new yet interesting change of events. Followed by a possibly successful deal, and the most memorable and apt conclusion.

Reading this book, you’ll understand how a communist ideology ultimately consumes itself to become a capitalist one. All decoded from the metaphorical tone of the author. He vividly explains the conditions of people in a fascist state -it’s elite and the downtrodden.

From the Animal Farm by George Orwell

Animal Farm Summary

The Animal Farm portrays the society within 100 pages. It may offend you, or you may even praise it, but you’d have to read it to feel such emotions. And whichever it is that you feel, will reflect the society you want to create.

I know about myself.

Should You Read Animal Farm by George Orwell?

There’s no better way of saying this: YES!

Other Basic Information

  • Author:  George Orwell
  • Publishing Date: 17 August 1945
  • Pages: 112
  • Genre: Satire, Political Satire

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