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The Book Farms – Harvesting Through Stories

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The Book Farms is a journey of my life followed through the many books, many stories I’ve been reading and harvesting from the seeds sown by authors.

While walking through libraries, every book spoke to me. I simply pick them up without reading the summary but just the title. I let the book introduce itself to me with every page I turn.

Oh! I’ve been wrong. Sometimes stories weren’t as exciting and as enjoyable as others, but it was still someone’s story, and just like life,  things don’t always pen (intended) out.

The Book Farms is not just about book reviews. It’s about the million stories of a million lives. It’s about meeting a new person and living his/her life, knowing about it, understanding it, until the last page turns.

With The Book Farms, I aim to read every book I can and tell you about the one that you should read and when should you read it.

And if you ever wish to tell the world about your story, your book, or some other book, The Book Farms will tell it to the world along with you.

Contact us anytime. We are here only.